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About us



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This is a one stop shop for your IT Business processes and requirements, we enable all businesses using the best known Business Analysis to design, develop or design, deploy or implement and support all business sectors relative to available technologies.

Little About us


Management Team:
The team is responsible for providing the employees and customers the required support and understanding needed for effective running of our businesses with our customers and integrate theirs with our business based on the management team’s varied, experiences and understanding of various business environments in projects, people, processes and other management skills in which they are versatile. They are drawn from all sectors including Financial mainly, Banking and finance, insurance, production, servicing, Manufacturing and Information Technology, with full understanding of Integrated applications in ERP and CRM of various Vendors.



Technical Team:
Business analyst to help you innovate by bringing to reality your objectives based on your vision which is then passed on to the Systems integration engineers whose responsibilities are to plan, design, develop implement and support the technologies needed by designing to suit your business needs a viable and realistic implementation. Which is then passed on to the Systems integration Engineers, applications/software designers and developers, web or clients based Applications with solid skills in databases and systems administrator as applicable. All of these groups would be at your disposals before, during and after your implementation while they will continue to provide support. We also provide migration or upgrade as applicable, with the required technical documentations on completion and commission to give you the clear definitions of all the processes involved for our customers' understanding. 1st 2nd and 3rd Levels service Help Desk Staff, Network and Security Engineers and Infrastructure Specialists.

Sales and Marketing Team:
They engage clients with courtesy and effective listening skills to understand their business needs and make possible the clear understanding of our cost, effectiveness, timeliness, clear and concise options, to meet or exceed their expectations by providing alternative cost and effective options to help their businesses without any loss of values as to their business needs if required. also define timelines suitable and achievable goals by both parties. by checking with the technical teams to ensure they get what, when and where based on our service level agreements SLA.

While we continuously acquire more skills by attending trainings on new products, services, solutions and technologies, we also carry out training to train the trainers onsite, offsite, arranged seminars or make available resources online or mail to help and update our customers on new products from how partners, clients and others to the benefit of our clients.
Documentations and Training IT Tactical and Strategic Development & Facilitation IT Services, events, changes, people, impact and project management (PMP, Prince2, ITIL) used in our SLAs service Level Agreement to provide you with the quality of Service (QoS) Project Managers, IT Strategy Consultants’ and book. And links to many useful sites and documentation for your benefits.

Systems Integration Team
This team in the organisation are the Senior systems integration Engineers having worked previously in different sectors from Financial to Manufacturing organisations as systems engineer, Database domain, Network Administrators, project manager and IT integration services technical writer. they are vast in Business Design analyses using various tools, with qualifications in Information Technology, Project and People Management and IT Tactical and Strategic, Development & Facilitation skills in IT Service, Events, Change, People, Impact and Project Management based on the Additional skills acquired from Training in (PMP, Prince2, ITIL, used in our SLAs service Level Agreement to provide you with the Quality of Service (QoS) With more than 18 years in various positions and designations with blue chips companies in EMEA regions including UK, Ireland other European country, USA and Canada.

IT Consultant
Our IT Consultant is a key member of the organisation with qualifications in Computer Science and Certifications in various aspects of Information Technology ranging from Hardware, Software, Networking he has worked in various sectors of the IT related blue chip organisations in Intel for more than 7 Years as a Senior systems integration Engineer and Senior DBA also worked with Chase Manhattan bank Esso leatherheadand Cap Gemini UK as field, systems, integration engineer, systems and network, users and Database administration, Team member and Lead in many multi-cultural environment while in employment as a permanent staff and on Contract (Consulting) proficient in Projects Management, IT Infrastructure Design, Technical documentations and Implementation of Platforms and applications in North Ameriac Europe mainly Ireland, Uk and Nothern Ireland .

Customer Relations Officers
The Customer Relation Office are in charge of businesses partners and clients relations working in their capacity as a team highly respected in the area of maintaining good relationship with internal and external contacts a key member team of the organisation with qualifications in Projects management, human resources Microsoft certified professionals Business analysis and systems engineer with various European Countries and North America working experience and multi-cultural group familiar with policies, governance culture and understanding of people diverse viewsand tolerance.

What We Offer

IT Consulting:

Engage customers to provide the best business option to their effective needs.

IT Infrastructure Design:

Define and Design Software Platforms, operating Systems, Applications, Hardware, Networking WAN, LAN MAN

IT Project & Resourcing:

Projects managent and staffing both Contract and Permanent staff to carry out specific highly skilled services.

Disaster Recovery:

Define and design disaster recovery process based on latest Information Technologies available to protect your valuable resources.

What we offer and Why you need us
While what we offer is not limited to the following, we welcome any suggestion as to what you want us to do to improve on our offers to you.
We offer very low, competitively priced and exclusive services, while we listen and deliver to meet or exceed your expectations we are also flexible with ours working hours.
110% unconditional refund of the advanced fee if we fail to meet your requests as at when needed once we agree and sign off on the agreement to undertake your request(the acceptance of your business).
Business Analysis: Customers engagement to provide business solutions and services based on your business needs
Business Process design: We design by developing your strategy based on your plans and then implement to provide supportable paltform
Projects delivery: Based on standard project life cycle SPLC we define and deliver on time by working out timelines suitable for all parties involved
IT Resourcing: We make available highly skilled personnel, equipments within limited time as required for projects, services and solutions we provide within limited time and source for reasonably prices equipments from our partners
IT Security, Disaster recovery, infrastructure, Software Platforms, operating Systems, Applications, Hardware, Networking WAN, LAN MAN

Marketing: With the use of Information Technologies via web advert, blogging and flashes, integration with other service providers and innovation of ideas to the benefit of the partners and our customers we make known your business and services to the rest of the world by the use of links and networking as may be needed and required by your Organisation.
We value your business with us as we also see you as our business value customers and Partners.

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